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Rohrabacher condemns heinous murder of Jewish worshipers in Pittsburgh

Oct 30, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Regarding the horrific shooting that took place on Saturday at Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) issued the following statement:

I am shocked and saddened by the evil perpetrated against worshipers at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in Pittsburgh this past weekend. These senseless attacks on those of the Jewish faith, which resulted in eleven deaths and several others injured, are reprehensible, and yes, evil.

I condemn the religious oppression of Jews, as well as those of other faiths. What makes us Americans is our commitment that everyone may practice their faith free of fear or repercussions. As a people, we reject all violent crime, particularly when it targets someone because of their race or religion. Hatred that spurs such attacks must be eradicated from our society. Decent people throughout the world reject anti-Semitism and all such religious bigotry and are united in their outrage at such senseless slaughter as experienced in Pittsburgh.

It is but a small consolation that the murderer was caught and will face justice for his actions. Those who were lost, those who are injured, and their families will be in our thoughts and prayers. May God comfort them as they grieve and recover.