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Rohrabacher Condemns DEA Refusal to Reschedule Medical Marijuana

Aug 11, 2016

WASHINGTON – Concerning the decision this week by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration not to remove marijuana from the Schedule One list of dangerous controlled substances, despite mounting evidence of its benefits for those who suffer from several maladies, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher released the following statement:

“The decision by the DEA to continue to categorize marijuana in the same schedule as heroin, LSD, and other very dangerous drugs shows the disconnect between the Obama administration and the common sense of the American people.  The government’s continued allocation of resources and controls with the intent of trying to prevent the adult use of marijuana has been counterproductive and an indefensible limitation of people’s right to control their own lives.  The Obama administration has had the chance to correct a foolish and counterproductive policy.  Now it’s up to the Congress and the next administration.”

Rohrabacher, a California Republican, is co-author with Rep. Sam Farr, D-CA, of an amendment, effective the last two years, that deprives the Justice Department of funds necessary to prosecute medical marijuana cases in states where it is legal. It has been upheld by a federal court and is currently federal law.


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