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Rohrabacher: Child Migrants Were Deceived by U.S. Politicians

Jun 23, 2014


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June 23, 2014


Rohrabacher: Child Migrants Were Deceived by U.S. Politicians

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Monday issued the following statement in response to humanitarian crisis on the Mexican border:

“The ever-growing crisis at our border is a direct result of bad policy, not bad luck. Those who have been publicly advocating the legalization of those here illegally have good motives, but they have created a humanitarian and bureaucratic crisis.

“Our government doesn’t know what to do. We’re not equipped to handle the tens of thousands now arriving at our border, especially the children who are dependent on us to take care of them.

“This crisis was brought on by Democrats and Republicans who have advocated policies that suggest those here illegally would be granted legal status. The worst part is the children now abandoned at the border with their parents having miscalculated that they would be taken care of by the Dream Act.

“President Obama’s responsibility is to stop this flow of illegal immigration into our country. That must be his priority. He must stop transporting these children from one part of America to another.

“This is a humanitarian crisis that didn’t need to happen. Our hearts go out to people who have come here with unrealistic expectations.”