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Rohrabacher Calls for Massive Cyber-Attack on North Korea

Aug 17, 2017

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Thursday released the following statement on North Korea:

Suddenly Americans are again thinking the unthinkable. The prospect of a nuclear exchange, this time precipitated by North Korea’s mad dictator, had been lost in the mists of the Cold War. Nevertheless, Kim Jong Un, who has murdered members of his own family in his pursuit of unchallenged power, must be taken seriously as he threatens nuclear holocaust.

The Trump administration is right to respond with all the urgency the president’s words signify. It all sounds like madness, as indeed a nuclear exchange would be, but for decades we have been playing a slow-motion game of diplomatic depravity that could only lead to this perilous juncture. The Communist Kim dynasty regularly tested our patience with each step it took toward its own nuclear arsenal. Our government just as regularly responded with bribes. The insanity was to imagine this vicious cycle would somehow tame the North Korean dictatorship.

The cycle of madness must be broken. As I told a group of my constituents yesterday, the Pentagon should include in its options: 1. Shooting down any missile launched by North Korea. 2. A coordinated, massive cyber-attack on North Korea’s infrastructure, disabling the dictatorship’s communications and its missile-launch capabilities. The ultimate goal, of course, must be regime change, and we may hope that North Korea’s sponsors in China also recognize that necessity.

Rep. Rohrabacher chairs the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats.


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