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Rohrabacher admonishes military’s bureaucratic negligence in deploying readily available firefighting technology

Sep 27, 2018

WASHINGTON – Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) took to the House floor this morning to take to task the U.S. military’s inexcusable delay in deploying a revolutionary new firefighting technology called the Precision Containerized Aerial Delivery System (PCADS). This system, designed for use on existing military aircraft without modification to the airframe, is designed to drop massive amounts of water or fire retardant on fires more accurately by using GPS, unlike traditional aerial firefighting.

“PCADS has been tested and deemed effective by the Air National Guard. Our military could use this tool to help protect the lives and property of Americans throughout the western United States,” said Rohrabacher. “Instead, California burns while C-130s and C-17s sit on the tarmac and PCADS remains unutilized in the fight.”

Rohrabacher has made clear on several occasions his displeasure with the bureaucratic inertia in the Department of Defense as it relates to this technology. On August 30, 2018, he sent letters to the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Air Force, and the Director of the Air National Guard inquiring about the delay in deploying PCADS. The letters may be reviewed here. As of this writing, the congressman has not received a response from any of the agencies.

The congressman is available for interviews on this subject.