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Rohrabacher: Abdullah Must Observe Afghan Election Count

Jun 23, 2014





June 23, 2014

Contact: Ken Grubbs, 202.225.0145


Rohrabacher: Abdullah Must Observe Afghan Election Count


WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Monday called on Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s leading presidential vote-getter, to observe established electoral procedures following the June 14 run-off election between Abdullah, and second-place Ashaf Ghani.  Other candidates were eliminated April 5 in the first round.

Last week Abdullah called into question the vote’s validity and threatened to abandon the process. With lesser candidates eliminated, the pro-Western candidate could lose his majority to Ghani, who also has ties to American efforts in the war-torn country.

The California Republican, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats, issued the following statement.


“The second round of the Afghan Presidential election took place on 14 June 2014 with millions of Afghan voters risking their lives to take part in a democratic process.  This in itself is an important milestone in Afghanistan’s democratic future and therefore the votes of those brave Afghans must be counted.  If there are irregularities then these can be addressed through transparent legal means. 


“As a long-standing friend of the people of Afghanistan and both candidates, I call upon Mr. Abdullah to continue to respect and participate in the electoral process.  How the candidates respond to the election results will be an important part of their legacy and how they will be remember. “