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Rep. Rohrabacher’s Statement on the Termination of DACA

Sep 5, 2017

WASHINGTON – Concerning the Trump administration’s announcement Tuesday that it was rescinding the Obama administration’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher issued the following statement:

President Obama created a legal headache and a public heartache by stepping far beyond his constitutional authority to protect the so-called “Dreamers” – those who were brought at a tender age to this country by parents who brazenly defied our immigration law.

However much we may sympathize with the hundreds of thousands of these children, many of whom have reached adulthood and have become “Americanized,” we in Congress must work to prevent such cynical loopholes from being created again by executive fiat. Those loopholes, make no mistake, incentivized the dangerous journeys of these families across our border.

Let’s be clear: Legalizing their status sent a message throughout the world that our doors were open to share all the benefits accorded American citizens. Many of those benefits came at the expense of already strapped taxpayers. These immigrants were good people who responded to a green light to enter our country. What they found, in too many cases, was a legal mishmash, the law mocked.

I applaud President Trump and Attorney General Sessions as they restore rigorous constitutional standards to the vexing issue of illegal immigration. As the president suggested, it is now up to Congress, and we must face the issue squarely and fearlessly.


Kenneth Grubbs, 202-225-2415