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Rep. Rohrabacher Recalls Nancy Reagan's Historic Legacy

Mar 7, 2016

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who served as speechwriter and special assistant to President Ronald Reagan for more than seven years, Sunday issued the following statement on the death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan:

Nancy was first and foremost a loyal wife who provided unwavering personal support for President Reagan as he rebuilt our economy and strengthened our national security. She refurbished a White House that had been allowed in prior years to fall into disarray, restoring the elegance and propriety befitting the American President’s residence. Ironically, she was criticized for doing so with private funds, while sparing overburdened taxpayers the expense. She will be remembered especially for three things: loving her husband through those turbulent years, including an assassination attempt; restoring the executive mansion to its proper splendor; and discouraging young people, by their own volition, from falling into the destructive habits associated with drugs. May my friend and lifelong inspiration Ronald Reagan now enjoy her company in eternal peace.

The congressman will be available today for comment.