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Apr 24, 2009 Blog

Washington, Apr 24, 2009 - According to an April 19th Rasmussen poll, only one third of American voters now say that humans should be blamed for so-called “global warming.” Nearly half of the people surveyed think that any changes in the earth’s climate are due to long-term,naturally-occurring trends. 

Apr 3, 2009 Blog

Washington, Apr 3, 2009 - This week I voted for H.R. 1664, more commonly known as the “Pay for Performance Act of 2009” for corporate executives. The bill passed by a vote of 247 – 171 and I was one of members who voted in favor of this piece of legislation.

Mar 20, 2009 Blog

Washington, Mar 20, 2009 - I would like to take the opportunity to recognize the signficance of this day. Today, March 20, 2009, Ramos and Compean's presidential commutation order finally takes effect.

Jan 30, 2009 Blog

Washington, Jan 30, 2009 - Yesterday, I received an SOS email from the organizers of the annual Surf City USA Marathon, which is taking place on Sunday, February 1, 2009, along an oceanfront course in Huntington Beach.

Jan 5, 2009 Blog

Washington, Jan 5, 2009 - This week marks the beginning of the 111th Congress. Every two years, voters in the United States exercise their right to elect their congressional representatives. I am proud, honored and humbled that the people of the 46th District have reelected me to represent them in Washington for an 11th term. 

Nov 26, 2008 Blog

Huntington Beach, Nov 26, 2008 - Nearly 400 years ago, the Plymouth colonists shared a harvest feast with the Wampanoag Indians, giving thanks to God for all they had. George Washington proclaimed the first official National Day of Thanksgiving, in 1789. Lincoln revived the tradition, during the Civil War. 

Oct 21, 2008 Blog

Huntington Beach, Oct 21, 2008 - Students in the 46th Congressional district seeking nominations to the United States Service Academies have until November 3, 2008 to complete their applications. 

This is a unique opportunity for ambitious young men and women to earn a college degree while serving honorably in our armed forces. 

Sep 30, 2008 Blog

Washington, Sep 30, 2008 - I was recently recognized by the National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC) for my unwavering commitment to fighting on behalf of the American taxpayer. I earned an ‘A” grade on the NTLC score card and was presented with the “Tax Fighter Award” for my voting record on tax and spending issues during the 110th Congress. 

Sep 11, 2008 Blog

Washington, Sep 11, 2008 - Seven years ago, today, the enemies of freedom attacked America. Terrorists may have destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, and damaged the Pentagon, in Virginia, but they will never destroy the resolve of the American people.