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Nov 13, 2009 Blog

Huntington Beach, Nov 13, 2009 - This changes everything. Today NASA announced the preliminary results from their Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission which impacted the moon last month. The scientists announced finding significant amounts of water and other unexpected compounds. Congratulations to the LCROSS (and LRO) team for a job well done. 

Nov 11, 2009 Blog

Washington, Nov 11, 2009 - Every year, on Novermber 11, we honor the 25 million military veterans in the United States. We honor American veterans not just for the protection they offer the people of the united states but for the role they play in defeating evil forces in the world that would otherwise dominate the planet.

Nov 9, 2009 Blog

Washington, Nov 9, 2009 - It was 20 years ago, in November 1989, that the Berlin Wall, a tangible reminder of Communist tyranny, came crashing down. Thanks to a peaceful revolution, the Cold War ended, the border between East and West fell and Germany was reunited.

Nov 2, 2009 Blog

Washington, Nov 2, 2009 - As the Democrats crafted a new 2000 page health care reform monstrosity behind closed doors, they literally locked out Republican Members and our input.

Oct 19, 2009 Blog

Washington, Oct 19, 2009 - On October 15, I took to the floor of the House to give a speech to express my opinion on our strategy in Afghanistan, a subject that is very personal to me and very important for all Americans. It is a subject I have been intimately involved in for over 30 years. Please find my remarks from the House floor below.

Sep 27, 2009 Blog

Washington, Sep 27, 2009 - This week, the United Nations is holding a "Climate Change Summit" to get the international community on the same page about man-made global warming.

Sep 10, 2009 Blog

Washington, Sep 10, 2009 - The horrific events of 9-11 were not the result of a natural occurrence but rather those of despicable terrorist acts that resulted in tremendous loss of innocent life on American soil. Unfortunately, 9-11 happened because people made poor decisions and bad policies were put in place leading up to the terrible events of that day.

Aug 24, 2009 Blog


Huntington Beach, Aug 24, 2009 -

Jul 28, 2009 Blog

Washington, Jul 28, 2009 - The so-called health care reform bill that has been introduced by the Democrat leadership tremendously expands federal funding for our current broken health care system. There is no reform, but a lot of new money, our money, is being directed at this vital part of our lives.

Jul 2, 2009 Blog

Huntington Beach, Jul 2, 2009 - In 1776, when Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed a resolution of American Independence from Great Britain, even he could not have known the great historical moment upon him.