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Mar 10, 2010 Articles

Washington, Mar 10, 2010 - Google said it is fully prepared to shut down its China operation if that is the only way to end the country's censorship of its networks.

Mar 5, 2010 Articles

Washington, Mar 5, 2010 - A trio of congressional Republicans passionately appealed to the Pentagon on Thursday to drop charges against three Navy SEALs accused of assaulting an Iraqi suspected of orchestrating the 2004 killing and mutilation of four U.S. contractors.

Mar 4, 2010 Articles

Washington, Mar 4, 2010 - About 160,000 people have signed a pair of petitions callling on top military commanders to drop the charges brought against three Navy SEALs over the alleged punching of a terroirst in Iraq.

Feb 26, 2010 Articles

Washington, Feb 26, 2010 - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden received more flack at a hearing of the House Science and Technology Committee. Only one Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, had good things to say about the Obama space plan.

Feb 25, 2010 Articles

Washington, Feb 25, 2010 - Mother Jones: In 1988, shortly after winning his first term in Congress, Dana Rohrabacher dabbled briefly in another vocation - freedom fighter. With Afghanistan's anti-Soviet insurgency a cause celebre for conservatives, he traveled to the front lines.

Feb 25, 2010 Articles

Washington, Feb 25, 2010 - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday the Obama administration's diplomatic outreach to Iran in past months has helped its current effort to line up world support for new sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear program. Administration Iran policy came under Republican criticism at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing.

Feb 22, 2010 Articles

Washington, Feb 22, 2010 - As immigrants surged into Orange County in the last two decades, the number of Republicans voting in one of the state's most conservative regions dropped by nearly 18 percent – to just over 50 percent, according to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Feb 18, 2010 Articles

Washington, Feb 18, 2010 - The Dalai Lama told reporters Thursday that he spoke to President Barack Obama about the “promotion of human value in order to bring peace to the world,” religious harmony and the Tibetan people. He said Obama showed “genuine concern” about his Tibetan homeland.

Jan 27, 2010 Articles

Washington, Jan 27, 2010 - President Barack Obama's announcement that he plans to ask Congress for a three-year freeze on some federal spending doesn't mean that every local program that gets help from Washington will have to go begging for money somewhere else.

Jan 26, 2010 Articles

Washington, Jan 26, 2010 - You never know how the people you meet may one day be useful.

Charlie Santos, a former U.N. employee who worked closely with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for years on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, had no idea that his personal relationship with the Huntington Beach Republican one day might help to save his brother’s life.