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Measure to Stop UN Anti-Semitism Wins House Passage

Jun 7, 2005

Washington, Jun 7, 2005 - H. Res. 282, passed by the House this week, welcomes recent attempts by the United Nations Secretary General to address the issue of anti-Semitism, and calls on the UN to condemn anti-Semitic statements in its meetings and hold member states accountable for such statements.

The resolution also urges the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to develop and implement Holocaust education programs as part of an effort against anti-Semitism and racial, religious, and ethnic intolerance.

Additionally, it expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that the President should direct the Secretary of State to: include in the Department of State's annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices and annual Report on International Religious Freedom information on activities at the UN and its constituent bodies relating to anti-Semitism by each of the countries included in these reports; and use projects funded through the Middle East Partnership Initiative and U.S. overseas broadcasts to educate Arab and Muslim countries about anti-Semitism, religious intolerance, and incitement to violence.

"This put the United Nations on notice that anti-semitism in any way, shape or form is absolutely unacceptable," said Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. "I was pleased to support this measure insisting on good conduct from all nations belonging to the UN."