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Congressman Rohrabacher’s work on patents has two primary goals: to make it easier for inventors to secure their intellectual property rights, and make it easier for them to defend their patents against infringers.  He has engaged this fight to protect inventors, their small businesses, and our universities for decades.  In 2012, changes were imposed on our patent system resulting in the interests of China taking precedence over the interests of Americans.  U.S. patent protections have been undermined to "harmonize" them with the rest of the world's much weaker protections.  As these changes have been implemented throughout our system, America's patent system strength has tumbled from 1st on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global IP Index down to 12th.

Innovation is the lifeblood of America’s economy.  Innovation provides increased efficiencies, lower prices, and greater availability of goods to everyone.  Innovation also leads to new products and services, more jobs, and a better quality of life.  Patents protect the innovators - the small inventors working away the hours in their garage or their basement.  Taking one’s idea and building a successful business is fundamental to the American dream.  These Americans have improved our lives in countless ways over generations because they and their intellectual property were protected.

Large multinational corporations with no allegiance to America as a nation attack these small inventors by stealing their ideas, cheating them out of their just rewards, and ultimately crushing them through legal maneuvers and crippling debt.  Congressman Rohrabacher will continue our fight against the cabal of multinational conglomerates and foreign entities seeking to undermine our innovation, our intellectual property, and our economy.  Protecting inventors protects us all.  He will continue to stand vigilant against the encroachment on the intellectual property rights of American small businesses and inventors.