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Happy Fourth of July!

Jul 1, 2005

Washington, Jul 1, 2005 - "On Monday throughout the United States Americans will gather together, in backyards, baseball games and parks, to celebrate 229 years of independence and freedom. On this 4th of July we rejoice in the privilege of being an American and the opportunities that this great nation provides to each and every citizen. As we celebrate this American holiday, we also celebrate those who have made this day possible. From the American Revolution to Afghanistan and Iraq, it is our military that has enabled us to live in freedom. To all our veterans and to those currently serving, we thank you and salute you. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten and as the skies light up across American this Monday night, they do so in your honor. You have shown us time again that America truly is the home of the free and the land of the brave.” – Representative Dana Rohrabacher

Congressman Rohrabacher will be participating in the annual Huntington Beach Parade on Monday, July 4. To find out more about the parade, please visit Huntington Beach 4th of July Celebration