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Congressman Rohrabacher supports United Nations Reform

Jun 17, 2005

Washington, Jun 17, 2005 - "Reform of the United Nations is long overdue," said Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, "and taxpayers in the United States who support this organization have a right to insist the UN is held to the very highest standards. This measure is a good first step in accomplishing that goal." The U.N. Reform Act of 2005, H.R. 2745, focuses on the need for streamlining and prioritizing programs and conducting oversight and accountability of the U.N. budget, peacekeeping, and human rights activities. The legislation requires the U.N. to reform by:

  • Mandating cuts in specific programs
  • Redirecting funds to priority areas
  • Withholding 50% of U.S. assessed dues if certifications are not made in key areas
  • Withholding U.S. support for new peacekeeping missions until certifications are made that reforms have been enacted

House Republicans are supportive of the U.N.'s role in facilitating democracy, mediating disputes, monitoring the peace, and feeding the hungry, but are opposed to legendary bureaucratization, nepotism, political grandstanding, billions of dollars spend on multitudes of programs with meager results, and outright misappropriation of funds. The record of U.N. peacekeeping since the end of the Cold War has been tainted by disastrous operational failure and unconscionable acts of misconduct. Scandals in the U.N. ranging from the disastrous Oil-for-Food Program, to the U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF), to the U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), have brought dishonor to the U.N. and further illustrate the need for reform.