Congressman Rohrabacher supports Iraqi Supplemental Appropriations Legislation

Mar 16, 2005

Washington, Mar 16, 2005 - “Our military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to do their jobs in the harshest of environments. This bill continues our support of their work and recognizes the sacrifices they are making to ensure our security and to further the march of freedom. The men and women in uniform deserve our unwavering support and the funding in this legislation provides needed equipment and protection. This bill also provides significant funding for the training of Iraqi and Afghani security forces to defend their own homelands. The training of these forces will be the quickest and safest way to bring our troops home – a day that all of us look forward to. Finally, the bill increases the death gratuity payment and the life insurance cap for troops who are killed in the war on terror. No amount of money will ever replace the life of a loved one and the potential that life offered to this world. The least we can do is adjust a glaringly out of date gratuity amount for the ultimate sacrifice of our military heroes.”