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Congressman Rohrabacher Introduces Legislation To Prevent Illegal Immigrants From Participating In U.S. Social Security System

Mar 17, 2005

Washington, Mar 17, 2005 - Yesterday Representative Rohrabacher introduced the "No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act." This bill would not allow wages earned while working illegally in this country to be credited towards Social Security benefits.

“Millions of lawbreakers with unverifiable work histories in the Social Security system would be a disaster,” said Rep. Rohrabacher. “The 2000 Census suggests at least 11 million illegal aliens are living in the United States. Most of these illegal aliens are very low wage earners, so they would receive far more than they paid in.”

Recently, the Social Security Administration signed a totalization agreement with Mexico but the agreement has not been finalized. When the agreement is submitted to Congress, Congress has 60 days to vote to reject the agreement, or the agreement automatically goes into effect.

“A totalization agreement with Mexico would cost the United States billions of dollars and take away from our own senior citizens who have paid into Social Security all their lives,” stated Rep. Rohrabacher. “I’m an original co-sponsor of a resolution asking the President to disapprove of the agreement and not send it to Congress. I’m watching the situation carefully and will continue to fight any agreement that would allow illegal immigrants to participate in our Social Security system.”