Congressman Rohrabacher expresses his opposition on the House floor to the Democrat health care proposal

Nov 7, 2009
Floor Speeches


Washington, Nov 7, 2009 - This attempt at sliding Americans into dependence on a government-controlled health care system brings bait & switch to a new low.

We have heard about the flaws of our current healthcare system, high costs, lack of portability, lose a job—lose health insurance, discrimination of those with preexisting conditions. Yes, many of the heart-wrenching stories we are hearing to justify this legislation are real. But correcting those maladies requires specific reform, not transforming healthcare in America into a bureaucratically-managed health care system that will cost hundreds of billions, including billions to provide healthcare for illegal aliens, while at the same time cutting Medicare by hundreds of billions of dollars. This so-called reform will destroy the freedom of the American people to make health decisions with a doctor of their choice. It will transform our system, rather than reform it. And what we will end up with is a system that is massively more expensive, less effective, and will be based on government controls and rationing, rather than the patient-doctor relationship.

You can touch our hearts with the stories of suffering brought about by defects in our current system, but it doesn’t follow that we have to buy into this monstrous federal power grab. It is too benign to call this scheme bait and switch.

Wake up America!!

This bill cuts healthcare for our seniors by hundreds of billions of dollars while providing subsidized health care of illegal immigrants, which will draw more illegals into our country.

Wake up America!!

This bill is structured so that private companies will find it profitable to dump employees into the government-run option, rather than continuing to offer private health insurance.

Wake up America!!

This ill-conceived power grab will bankrupt our country as it destroys our freedom.