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Congressman Rohrabacher Commends Minuteman Project

Apr 20, 2005
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Washington, Apr 20, 2005 - “It’s tragic that American citizens have been forced to patrol our borders and do the job of the government. Controlling the flow of illegal immigration is vitally important to our national security and our economic prosperity. It is incumbent upon the U.S. Government to fully fund and provide border patrol agents along our borders. This experiment, which involved unarmed men and women patrolling the border in a peaceful and humane way, demonstrated the positive effects of an increased presence on the southwest border. There’s no denying that more border patrol agents would help create a stronger border and decrease illegal crossings that may include international terrorists. The patriotic individuals who gave up their time to contribute to the security of our country deserve to see the government act on immigration policy; a policy that includes more border patrol agents and an end to benefits and job incentives for illegal immigrants.”

The Minuteman Project was formed to patrol a 20-mile area along the Arizona/Mexico border. Approximately 800 volunteers began patrolling on April 1. Despite predictions of violence or abuse, the Minuteman Project was a peaceful operation that assisted Border Patrol in capturing illegal border crossers. According to the Washington Times, “fewer than 5,000 illegal aliens will be apprehended this month by the U.S. Border Patrol in the Minuteman Project's 20-mile patrol area compared with 64,000 in April 2004 and 73,000 in April 2003.”