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Congressman Rohrabacher Blasts Senate Immigration “Compromise”

Apr 6, 2006

Washington, Apr 6, 2006 -

Today Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), a leader on illegal immigration issues, blasted the Senate “compromise” on illegal immigration.

“Those members of the United States Senate behind this so-called immigration ‘compromise’ have betrayed the interests of the American people. Over the years it’s been evident that the Democrats exploit illegal immigrants for political reasons. It is extremely discouraging that some Republicans, who are doing the bidding of the business community which benefits from depressed wages, are also a part of this exploitation of desperate people who come here outside of the legal system of immigration. To add further insult to injury, the Senate is now suggesting that taxpayers provide cheap college tuition for illegals and create a huge new program to import enormous numbers of foreign workers into our country.


“Granting amnesty will only serve to draw more illegal aliens to our country and add to the burden placed on our public school system, healthcare system and criminal justice system. They are already at the breaking point; imagine what an influx of millions of more people will do. This is a travesty and the American people are being betrayed yet again. Come November and the next presidential election, those elected officials who’ve sold out the interests of the American people to provide low wages to special interests will pay the price at the ballot box.


“I, along with a tight coalition of Republicans in the House, will do everything in our power to derail this amnesty train and push for real immigration reform that punishes employers who hire illegal aliens, denies public benefits to illegal aliens and strengthens our borders.”