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Congressman Rohrabacher’s Statement On Immigration Bill

Dec 7, 2005

Washington, Dec 7, 2005 - Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) issued the following statement in response to H.R. 4437, immigration enforcement and border security legislation, introduced by Congressman Sensenbrenner:

“This bill is a step in the right direction but, unfortunately, does not go far enough. Californians know all to well the economic, social and security strains created by a massive illegal population. Congressman Sensenbrenner’s bill addresses some key issues such as requiring companies to verify the legal status of current employees and new hires. Businesses should no longer be allowed to depress wages by hiring illegal labor and then falsely claim that Americans don’t want to do the jobs. Americans do want to do the jobs but they require just compensation for their work.

“Congressman Sensenbrenner wisely chose not to include a guest worker program in the bill and I will be closely watching any action to include such a program in the bill. A guest worker program is amnesty and any claim otherwise is nonsense. I will not vote for any legislation that includes a guest worker program.

“I also commend Congressman Sensenbrenner for including provisions that would make it a criminal offense to remain in the country illegally after entering legally. Individuals who violate our laws should be treated as criminals, no exceptions.

“However, I strongly urge leadership to allow an open rule so that important amendments can be considered on the house floor. The bill neglected to bar illegal aliens from earning Social Security credit on unlawful employment, failed to ban taxpayer funded education and health benefits, and does not insist the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Homeland Security share information on Social Security number mismatches and duplicates, which often indicates illegal alien employment. I will continue to work on implementing these simple, common sense solutions to the problem of illegal immigration.”