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CBO: Dems’ Health Care Plan Costs $1 Trillion, Leaves 36 Million Uninsured, Forces 23 Million Out of their Current Plans

Jun 16, 2009

Washington, Jun 16, 2009 - Yesterday’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on a Democratic health care “reform” bill has sent shockwaves through Washington – and middle-class families, small businesses, and all taxpayers are right to take notice. Here’s what CBO has uncovered:

  • The Democratic plan will cost taxpayers at least $1 trillion;
  • The legislation will leave at least 36 million Americans uninsured; and
  • The proposal will force at least 23 million Americans to give up the health coverage they currently enjoy.

This is reform?

House Republicans are working on a better solution to ensure that every American has access to affordable health care. To that end, tomorrow, the House GOP’s Health Care Reform Solutions Group will outline a common-sense plan to reduce costs, expand access, and increase the quality of care in a way that Americans can afford. The GOP plan will:

  • Expand access to affordable, quality care regardless of pre-existing conditions;
  • Protect Americans from being forced into a government-run plan, making certain that medical decisions are made by patients and their doctors, not Washington bureaucrats; and
  • Let Americans who like their health coverage keep it, while giving Americans the freedom to choose the plan that best meets their needs.

With the Democratic and GOP plans now coming into clearer focus, middle-class families and small businesses across the country are beginning to ask: is a $1 trillion government takeover of health care really worth it if it leaves at least 36 million Americans uninsured and forces at least 23 million Americans off their current plans? Or, is the better solution a proposal that will expand access to affordable care while protecting Americans’ relationships with their doctors? That choice will become increasingly evident in the weeks to come, as Democrats in charge of Washington continue pushing their costly plan onto Americans who just don’t support it.

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