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9/11: Seven years later

Sep 11, 2008

Washington, Sep 11, 2008 - Seven years ago, today, the enemies of freedom attacked America. Terrorists may have destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, and damaged the Pentagon, in Virginia, but they will never destroy the resolve of the American people. Even under duress, heroic, resolute Americans on United Flight 93 forced their hijacked plane to crash, thwarting an impending third terrorist attack on either the White House or the U.S. Capitol. Hundreds of first responders lost their lives that day exhibiting the very strength, resolve and purpose our impenetrable American spirit is built upon. 

Many challenges lie ahead for our nation, and I am certain that everyday Americans will continue to act with honor and courage, ensuring that our country remains, as Ronald Reagan called it, a Shining City on a Hill. On this day of remembrance of the 2627 Americans who perished, please take the time to thank our first responders and men and women in uniform who continue to protect us from those who desire to destroy this great nation. 

September 11, 2001 may forever be etched into history as a day of infamy but we will never forget the honor and bravery of those who sacrificed their lives so others could live. Never forget the day America stood still. 

In Freedom, 

Dana Rohrabacher