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“Dems, Don’t Hold Health Care Reform Hostage”

Nov 2, 2009

Washington, Nov 2, 2009 - As the Democrats crafted a new 2000 page health care reform monstrosity behind closed doors, they literally locked out Republican Members and our input. On 10/27/09, I gave the following remarks on the House floor expressing my dissatisfaction with being shut out of the such an important process given the potential devastating consequences to our health care system if the Democrat bill is signed into law.

In freedom,

Mr. ROHRABACHER. Mr. Speaker, there are 20 million uninsured Americans who just can't afford insurance, others who have lost insurance when they lost their jobs. Still others have a preexisting insurance condition and have been frozen out of the insurance market. Then there are frivolous lawsuits which drain very limited health care dollars. Of course, we find that our best insurance providers can't sell their insurance across the country. They are frozen out. There is no competition. 

These are problems that Republicans are anxious to work with Democrats on. I plead with my Democratic colleagues, don't hold health care reform hostage, dependent on the enactment of some socialistic experiment with government-run health care. 

What's going to happen? What's being demanded here is a transformation of our system rather than a reform of our system. That transformation of our system will hurt seniors. It will take people who now have insurance in small business and put them out of a job as well as with no insurance. Of course, it will not improve the situation but will be very costly for the American people.